Thursday, 24 May 2012

Comedy remedy

A hectic week has come to an end and although I'm still swamped as hell, here's a quick update about some upcoming movies that look to be at least making me stifle a snigger as I watch them on my laptop and try not to wake up my parents.

Starting with the most exciting of all, the return of offices with many leather bound books and rich mahogany, acapella 'Afternoon Delight' and hot days where milk really was a bad choice. Yes your favourite news team returns with their ever so charismatic main anchor Ron Burgundy. Yes that's right, Anchorman: The Legend Continues is a thing and the 2013 release date seems way too far away. Check out one of the two similar teasers that's been released this week:

Even if it's just a teaser, good memories of the original Anchorman come rushing back, especially Steve Carell's adorable Brick. For me the best comedies are the most quotable and Brick's classic lines always made me laugh. Although people who're not familiar with the reference do get confused when I confess my love for lamps randomly...

Anyway, embarrassing moment but I only JUST realised that the amazing Paul Rudd is part of the Channel 4 news team. Blonde moment much? I guess he's funny even without the baggage of his fame, and it's proof the wardrobe and makeup department do a mean 70s beard.

Besides Will Ferrell, another American comedy kingpin Ben Stiller has also released a full trailer for The Watch, formerly known as The Neighbourhood Watch:

Ben Stiller has made me laugh a few times here and there but the main reason I'm so excited to see this is the presence of Richard Ayoade, aka the most adorable Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd, one of my favourite TV shows ever. Not only is he a talented actor but also an accomplished director. My eyes instantly lit up the moment I saw his face, and his presence guaranteed this will not just be another run of the mill commercial comedy. Yes the marketing means he's presented as a Hollywood noob but I'm glad he's at least getting exposure, especially after his IT Crowd co-star Chris O'Dowd is getting all tight and friendly with the SNL crew after the hilarious Bridesmaids. Yay for more introductions of British comedic actors!

Speaking of British comedies, something a little different has also caught my eye. Simon Pegg of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead fame (NTS: watch both) has a new feature out called A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

Quick plot summary, Pegg is a children's author trying to change gear into crime fiction and gets all paranoid over serial murderers. A little hard to imagine the tone but the trailer sets the stylistically quirky mood:

Get the idea? I love the integration of surreal stop motion animation that adds a fantasy-like element which would be pretty suited to the film's themes of imagination and fiction. British comedies usually execute black humour pretty well so I'm excited to see what this film is like in the flesh.

That's all folks, so many releases lately I don't know what to feature, but hopefully my next post will be a review! Now to slink back into the cocoon comfort of my bed...

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