Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Two major action packed movies have released new trailers and the first is Christopher Nolan's third installment in his Batman adaptations. The Dark Knight Rises releases its third trailer:

This immediately reminded me of the trailer of Nolan's other epic Inception. Besides the presence of Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, both are tied together with deceptively quiet background music that blows up to a crescendo, successfully pulling audiences in. You know, that famous BUAAAAAMMMMM that is now synonymous with Inception. Other action movie trailer editors should take note.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last installment of the franchise, The Dark Knight, and look forward to more of the careful controlled suspense Nolan is famous for. And even though Christian Bale was majorly upstaged by Heath Ledger last time, there will be a new baddie (it's always more fun to play the evil guy) Bane (Tom Hardy) to look forward to. And even though we can't actually see much of his mug behind that Saw-like contraption (shoosh, I'm not well read in comic books), there is lots to look forward to. Anne Hathaway proves that she might even be able to pull off the Catwoman role. I mean, who doesn't still see her as Mia Theamapoulos (sp?).

I am much much more excited about the next movie in question. If you know me in person and I haven't ranted to you yet about Prometheus, then I will probably do so the next time I see you. Check out the new international launch trailer (pish posh it's just another trailer) below:

Why am I excited? I think the first few trailers and teasers have captured my heart already, pretty much. Ridley Scott, god of sci-fi, returns with an epic prequel to Alien with visuals and audios to match. Ok I'll admit, I haven't watched Alien and the only Scott movie that I've watched, Blade Runner, was for school and a bit of a let down after I pumped up my expectations. But I will admit that it was probably groundbreaking at the time, and as a recently new sci-fi fan, Prometheus looks amazeballs.

There's not much to say for the story as it is all in the trailer. This can also be a bad thing as many YouTube comments have pointed out that it gives away too much............I guess. I don't really mind as these movies are pretty predictable anyway, but at the same time entertaining because of that. Plus I've been actively trying to pry my eyes away from the copious amounts of Prometheus featurettes, viral ad campaigns, etc to stop hyping myself up.

Can't WAIT to see this on the big screen, ahhhhhhh.

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